Why Waste Time Doing Your Own Laundry?

Schedule laundry services in Billings, MT

Doing your laundry can be more complicated than it sounds. Between the different materials and special styles, figuring out how to best take care of your clothing is a hassle. Luckily, Valet Today Cleaners provides executive laundry and wash and fold laundry services in Billings, Montana. You'll save time by allowing us to do your laundry for you. Plus, we have the skills and tools to remove stubborn stains and extend the life of your garments through gentle cleaning processes. Even your nicest business wear will receive proper care.

Learn more about our wash and fold & executive laundry services today by visiting Valet Today Cleaners in Billings, Montana.

Wash & Fold Services

  • We clean, dry, carefully fold and bag your laundry
  • This is a great option for traveling

Executive Laundry

  • Professionally cleaning, pressing and hanging items
  • Jean Starching
  • Fatigue Care
  • Down Garment care (coats/vests/booties/pants)¬†
  • Stain Treatment
  • Free Button Repair¬†